Xmas Party Games

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Last Pack Night before Christmasmas, Party games, music and food


Chocolate bars (in blocks, not mars etc, the thicker the bettter) x1 per group
Plate, Fork, Knife, Hat x1 per group
Pair of Gloves (the bigger the better, preferably gardening or welding gloves) x1 per group
Xmas CD (the cheesyer the better)

Pack of Party Rings

Bag of Flour x1 per group
washing up bowl x1 per group
plate x1 per group
sweats as many as the budget can afford


Eating Chocolate
Split into suitable size groups dependant on numbers or 1 big group, sit on the floor in a circle around a plate with a bar of chocolate on it (still in the wrapper) and play music, when the music stops the person who has the hat (which was being passed around) has to put it on put on the gloves and try and eat as much chocolate as they can in 30 seconds with the knife and fork. then repeat

Party Rings
Tie a load of party rings (biscuits with a hole in the middle) to string and suspend them across the room on a long peice of rope, in their teams that have to come up one a time (like a relay) and eat the biscuit without using their hands

Messy Sweets
Plate of flour with sweets mixed in, washing up bowl of water with "sinkable" sweets in, 1 at a time in their groups come forward and get a sweat out of the washing up bowl first, then one out of the flour plate. I advise to have a washing up bowl and tea towels to hand to wash faces, and a mop.

When all cleaned up chill out with pizza and party food


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