Transport Reactor

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Make a tripod with knowledge of lashings and knots , suspend a billy from the top and suspend a rock or tent peg from the billy , Sixes have to carry the tripod around a course without the peg or rock touching the billy


Canes, striping or rope , billy , peg or rock


Each Six is requested to make a tripod ,which has its legs lashed apart in such a way that resembles a pyramid ,from the top of the tripod a Billy is suspended on a light string, a tent peg is also suspended so that i dangles in the middle of the billy, patrols have to carry the transporter around a course without allowing peg to come into contact with the billy


  • creative activity,team buiding,knots, lashings
  • pioneering knots lashings
  • team work

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  • Creative - Construction
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  • Outdoor - Skill