Ordnance Survey Map Symbols

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Teach Cubs how to identify Ordnance Survey Map Symbols


* Leader instructions x 1 per Six
* Laminated map keys x 1 between 2
* Map Symbols Quiz x 1 between 2
* Map with symbols x 1 between 2
* Map with symbols answer sheet
* Map Symbols Quiz Sheets x 1 per Cub
* Map Symbols Quiz Answer Sheet
* Pens and pencils


1. Split Cubs into pairs (or threes if there is a spare one)
2. Give Cubs a laminated key and a map (one between two). Spend no more than a couple of minutes explaining how the key works.
3. Give each pair a map symbols quiz sheet – one should mark circles on the map to show features while the other ticks them off the list.
4. Give each Cub a coloured map symbols quiz sheet (though they can still work in pairs) – Cubs should complete the sheets, with adult help where required.


  • Map keys
  • map symbols
  • ordnance survey symbols

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