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Using Grid References

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Maps: Teach Cubs how to use six figure grid references


* Grid references leader instructions x 1 per Six
* Grid references answers x 1 per Six
* Grid references work sheet x 1 per Cub
* Map with grid references x 1 between two
* Gird reference guides x 1 per Cub


1. Within Sixes, split Cubs into pairs (or threes if there is a spare one)
2. Give Cubs a Kidlington map (one between two) and a grid references work sheet (one each).
3. Explain four-figure grid references to the Cubs (using the information on the answer sheet) and then get them to complete questions 1 and 2 (with your help if required).
4. Explain six-figure grid references to the Cubs (again, using the information on the answer sheet) and get them to complete question 3 only.
5. Give each pair a grid reference guide (out of the envelope) and show them how it can be laid over the map of Kidlington and used to help them find the six-figure reference.
6. Get the Cubs to complete question 4.


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