Map Quest

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A map based game to test Cubs' understanding of map reading skills


* Oxford OS Landranger Map (164)
* Set of reminder cards
* Grid reference acetates
* Red envelope clue cards
* Answer sheets and pens
* Prize box


1. Explain to the Cubs that they will be using all the map reading skills that they have learnt in order to answer questions. If they manage to make it all the way round they will find the treasure.
2. Give the Cubs the first card. Try and let them work out the answers for themselves. They can use the reminder cards to help them with skills. If they are completely stuck then give them some hints and suggestions, or show them how to do what they are struggling with.
3. As they solve each clue give them the next one.
4. Even if they don’t make it to the end in the time available award them with a prize, as long as they didn’t just give up.


  • map reading

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