Treasure Hunt

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Walk round local area to find the treasure


* Leader's instruction sheet
* 2 x clipboards with pens attached
* 4 x clue sheets
* 4 x answer sheets
* 4 x packs of lollies (at Rebecca’s house)


1. You will have four groups of six Cubs who will each have 45 minutes with you.
2. Each group should have two clipboards, one with a clue sheet attached and one with an answer sheet attached.
3. During their 45 minutes they need to follow the clues to find their way around the course (shown for your information on the map below). Along the way they need to answer questions and find letters which they should fill in on their secret password answer sheet.
4. The treasure hunt finishes at HQ house. The Cubs need to have found the secret password to gain entry and receive their treasure.


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