Dough Twists

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Dough twists from packet mix.


Pre Lit Fire, Bread Mix, Sticks!


1) Send Beavers/Cubs to Collect a green stick each.
2) Send Beavers/Cubs to wash their hands whilst a leader prepares the sticks and makes sure they are suitable.
3) Following packet instructions, make bread dough. (Beavers will need to wash their hands again after this, as they will be messy!)
4) Each Beaver/Cub to make a bread sausage, about 1 cm think.
5) Twist bread sausage around stick and heat over the fire, turning so it doesnt burn.
6) When ready an adult should remove the twist from the stick for Beavers. Beavers/Cubs can then eat the twists, serve with Jam.


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