Basic Navigation

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Learn the basics of navigation with a map & compass


OS Maps
[Optional] Map Symbol Flashcards


1) Split the scouts into groups (e.g. patrols, though best suited to less experienced scouts)
2) Give each group a map (keep the other resources to yourself)
3) Go through the basics of what a map is, introducing the concept of map symbols
4) Play a quick 'map symbol quiz', allowing the scouts just enough time to look up the answers in the map key
5) Introduce the concepts of contour lines & spot heights
6) Play a quick contour/spot height quiz, based around the maps you have
7) Distribute the compasses
8) Go through the idea of 'setting a map'
9) Go through taking bearing of things on the map
10) Play a quick 'map bearings' quiz/game


  • compass
  • map
  • navigation

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  • Hiker - [NONE]
  • Hill Walker - [NONE]
  • Navigator - [NONE]