Capture the Flag, Flour Bomb Wide Game

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Capture the flag style game with a messy twist


Flour - either in flour bombs (made by one heaped table spoon of flour in the centre of a cheap piece of tissue, and then tied with a strand of cotton - it is important to have the cheapest tissue so the flour bombs split easily) or in bags to scoop out and throw
Water - and water bombs and water pistols/cheap washing up bottles
Flags in different colours for Patrols
Eggs (raw and boiled) and cups/string


separate the Patrols to different sides of the playing area and give each Patrol a number of flags to hide and defend.
each team has to work to capture the other teams flags, and defend their own flag
Initial allocations of water and flour based on trivial pursuit type questions
Defending - patrols could defend 'false' flag locations. Defending can be via flour or water, not physical
Capturing - patrols need to return captured flags to Leaders base in return for water or flour top ups
Prisoners - if a Scout is tagged with opposition's flag in procession, they are prisoners and can be taken to Leaders base until Leaders declare a Jail Break

Make sure adults are spread around the playing area.
Ensure you have a method to signal the end of the game.
Play once, then introduce water and flour

At end losing Patrol stand under plastic cups strung from tree of raw or boiled eggs which wining team break - some scouts will get covered in egg, some won't



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