Water Aid True or False Game

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Some statements about water and sanitation in the 3rd World with True or False answers


True or False markers


Read out the statements on (page 19 of the resource) to the children and ask whether they think the answer is true or false.
- Ask the children to fold up true or false cards
This song explains that 5,000 children die each day as a result of water- related diseases. However, since the song was written, efforts to bring clean water and hygiene promotion projects to communities have reduced this figure to 4,000. You can change the song lyrics to 4,000 to reflect this or keep them as they are and explain how the number has decreased to give the children and your audience an idea of the impact of fundraising.
Across the world, 884 million people do not have access to safe water. WaterAid works with people in the world’s poorest communities to help them solve their water and sanitation problems. Everyone should have safe water to drink and somewhere to go to the toilet, so let’s work together to help WaterAid enable people just like us living in poorer countries to get these simple things that we all need.”
More questions
March 22 is World Water Day
It is recommended that every individual has access to approximately 7.5 – 15 litres of clean water per day!
• Drinking water: 2.5 – 3 litres per day
• Basic hygiene practices: 2 – 6 litres per day
• Basic cooking needs: 3 – 6 litres per day

Water questions
• All living creatures need water, they can do without air but not without water – true, this is why explorers of other planets search for water to know that there is life
• 50% of the earth is water – false 71%
• Name three places you can find water: oceans and seas, underground, and in the air
• Our bodies are made up of 50-60% water
• We see water in three different states, what are they?
• People living in poor countries use around 100 litres of water a day – false, they use 10 litres, and in Europe 200
• Two in seven people don’t have reliable access to clean water


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