Phonetic alphabet orienteering

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Scouts hunt for letters which have been hidden around the area. They radio the letters back to base, using the phonetic alphabet. First team to understand the word or message is the winner.


Pieces of paper with letters of a message
Radios - at least 4
Notepaper and pencils


1. Create a word or message, one letter per sheet of paper. Sheets of paper can be put in plastic folers to keep water out. Optionally, a number can be put on every sheet of paper, 1 for the first letter of the message, 2 for the second letter and so on. If you don't use numbers, scouts will have an anagram to solve.
2. Split scouts into at least two teams
3. Each team gets split into 2, and each sub-team gets a radio. Radios should be tuned so that scouts only talk to their own team.
4. Out of each team, one sub-team goes out and hunts for the letters. When they find one they radio back to base and say the letter using the NATO phonetic alphabet. The team back at base writes it down.

First team to get the whole message is the winner.

You could also incorporate problems to be solved in the message. E.g. the message is a riddle and the scouts must solve it to win.


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