Making Folding Camp Stools - Week 1 of 2 - LEGS

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Scouts make a tripod camp stool from wooden dowel and leather - based on the beautiful design by Matt at Wood and Faulkner


Center-finder (optional, but helps)
Small socket wrench to fit acorn nuts

Three 1 1/8” Birch hardwood dowels - enough for three 24” pieces
One brass 2.75” bolt
One 1.5” eyehole bolt
Two brass acorn nuts
Three brass washers
Three brass finishing washers
Three brass 1” wood screws (big enough not to slip through the finishing washer)
Finish - I used Osmo PolyX-Oil
Leather or other heavy material for seat (this is 14" each side in Matt's design)


See attached PDF for a Scout version or this link for an adult version

In summary:
Scouts will need to drill a hole through each of three wooden legs. They must also drill a pilot hole in the top of each leg. Legs must be finished off with a laquer/wax/other finish. The three legs are then attached together.

The leather seat must be cut to size and a hole punched in each corner. The seat is then attached to the top of each leg. A carrying strap can be added if desired. A strap should be attached to hold the legs together when not in use.


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