People Bingo

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A games to show the Scouts that everyone in the troop is different and that is ok! A good game to start a night about tackling bullying.


- Bingo Cards
- Pens


*Give everyone a bingo card
*Explain that they need to find someone that fits the description on each square on the card. To show this they need to get that person to sign their name on it as proof.
*They can only get one name per square.
*They may sign their own sheet but only ONCE.
*Each square must be signed by a DIFFERENT person! (Depending on numbers, smaller groups may want to say a max of two squares.)
*Once all the squares are signed shout "BINGO!", they are the winner.
*Make sure you double check the answers...

-You can make your own sheets to suit your own groups (blanks included).
-Get them to write their own bingo sheets but then surprise them by making them swap them with another Scout!


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