A Bridge too Far

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Each Patrol has to build a bridge

The bridge must span more than 250mm and is wider than 150mm.


50 x Lollipop sticks,
1 x Roll sellotape,
1 x Ball string,
2 x Sheets of paper,
1 x Pair scissors.
2 x Bench
15 x house bricks


The Scouts are asked to build a bridge between the 2 benches
using only the equipment provided
and tell them it will be tested on completion

when the scouts have started to build get the leaders to bring in the house bricks and stack them just inside the hut door
(the look on their faces is good)

when the bridges have been built have the scouts stand well back and have the patrol leader to test their bridge with house bricks

the patrol whose bridge holds the most bridges wins

I have seen a scouts bridge hold 10 bricks
I have seen a leaders bridge hold 18 bricks (show off with a suspension bridge)


  • Bridge
  • construction
  • lollypop sticks

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