Cooking meat

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Preparing, cooking and flavouring meat of all types.


Lamb, beef, chicken, pork, pheasant, pigeon, rabbit, fish, venison, herbs and spices, stoves, wooden skewers, knives, chopping boards, oil,


Wash hands.
Using different chopping boards and utensils for each meat (wash properly between meats), prepare the game and the fillets of other meats and fish and cut into small bite-size portions. Individually flavour with herbs or spices depending on which meat you are using. Put them one by one onto wooden skewers and shallow fry over one or two (depending on numbers) communal frying pans over Trangias.
The length of time it takes to cook should be noted, as should the amount of cooking each type of flesh requires.
Discuss seasoning and what could be cooked to accompany it to make a balanced meal.
How much would one scout require for a meal - how many calories and what nutrition does it contain? Where could you buy the meat and how much does it cost?
Scouts can use their knives to cut up the meat.



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