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A period of silent writing of ideas onto post-it notes is followed by placing the notes on a surface and rearranging/filtering to derive a set of unique ideas (e.g. programme activities)




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The Silent Post-it Note Brainstorm works a treat when it comes to generating ideas. Start by handing everyone a pad of post-its (we use the 150mm x 75mm ones). Then ask everyone to write down all their ideas, one idea on each post-it.

So, for example, in a session on programme planning we might ask people to write what they think scouts want to do. Once everyone has had enough time to write down their thoughts, we collect the notes.

Then it’s time to start sorting and collating. Someone is allocated to lead the session. Using a wall, whiteboard or window (glass is actually one of the best surfaces for this activity) instruct the team to place their post-it notes on the surface. Then work with the team to group similar ideas, remove duplicates and confirm meaning. So, in our example above, you might end up with:

Camping, Sailing, Hang Gliding, Cooking, Swimming, Mountaineering, Orbit the earth, Adventurous stuff, caving, Low ropes

You can then discuss and workshop the ideas further within the group. This technique combines the benefits of individual creativity with power of teamwork.



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