Looking after our World - Conservation

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A couple of games to look at two areas of our world - what is happening with the Bee population (which could affect up to 1/3 of the food we eat) and saving energy


Something to be like 'Pollen', Chalk and Dice


Game One - Protecting the Bees:
half the colony are bees who need to get the ‘pollen’ to the hive (one end of hall to the other)
the other half are mites. If they touch a bee – the bees gets weaker (they have to walk). If the bee is touched a 2nd time – they die.
Then the leaders are bee-keepers who set up their hives (chairs) where the bees are safe. However – the bee-keepers are reducing in numbers and remove their hives.

Game Two - Energy Snakes and Ladders:
Draw a grid on the floor (spaces 1 - 64) and number them. The Beavers themselves are the pieces so throw the dice and move the relevant number of spaces. If there is an action associated with that square - the leader calls it out and the Beaver Scout says whether they think its good or bad. They then move up / down to the relevant space as per the instructions.
Attached is the grid we are using.


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