How to set a Map

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Instructions for Patrol Leaders to teach their Patrol on How to set a Map


Compass and Map Per Patrol


1. Lay the map out on either the floor or a table
2. Explain to the scouts by setting the map to north whilst out walking you will be able to work out the correct direction to travel by sighting landmarks
3. Point out the blue grid lines on the map
4. Point out the arrow and lines inside the compass circle
5. Line up the north (0deg) on the compass
6. Lay the compass on the map and line the grid lines on the map with the lines on the compass
7. Move the map round until the compass needle lines up with the arrow inside the compass circle
8. The map is now set to north
9. Now Spin the compass and move the map off north and let the scouts take it in turn to have a go


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  • map setting
  • map work

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