Chair blind whistle/Keys Game

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Game to sneak up on person on seat without being heard.


Blindfold or necker
Whistle or keys
String to hang whistle or keys


Place chair in the middle of the hall.
Get the young people to sit in a circle around the chair.
Hang the whistle or keys from the back of the chair.
Sit one young person on the chair blindfolded, the others in a circle around, or a distance away behind a line.
When everyone is quiet, pick one person to sneak up to blow the whistle or shake the keys.
If the person on the chair hears the person sneaking up at any point they point at them.
If deemed found, pick another young person to have a go at sneaking until the whistle is blown or the keys are rattled, and then that person sits in the chair.

To make the game harder you can place the keys under the chair on the floor. You can also have the young people attempt to silently return to their starting point with the keys, instead of rattling them at the chair.


  • blindfold
  • chair
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  • keys
  • Quiet game
  • whistle

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