Learn Co-Ordinates Game

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Game which teaches grid reference.


26 chairs, Tape or Blue Tack, A4 Letters and coloured shapes, Answer & layout sheet


Layout 25 chairs on the floor in a 5 x 5 square with a chairs gap between each row & column.
Put the Cubs / Scouts into two teams and sit them on the floor at either end of the hall.

Part 1:
Starting before the first chair, place the 1-6 & A-F sheets at the edges of the square in line with the gaps on the floor (as per the diagram on page 2) and secure with tape / blue tack.
Place the coloured shapes on the chairs in the Game 1 layout shown on the next page and secure with tape / blue tack.
Part 2:
Replace the first set of sheets (1-6 & A-F ) on the floor with the 15-20 & 38-43 sheets and re-secure.
Re-organise the coloured shapes on the chairs to the Game 2 layout shown on the next page and re-secure.
Place the grid coordinates (page 3) on a chair in front of the grid

Part 1:
The Leader calls out two coloured shapes pointing at a team at a time to go find the shape.
The Cubs / Scouts find the shape sit down and when asked give their grid reference. If both are correct then the quickest to find the shape and sit down is the winner.
Part 2:
The Leader calls out a number on the coordinates list and the Cubs / Scouts have to run to the chair with the co-ordinates on, and work out which chair they need to sit on, once there they must call out the colour & shape on that chair, first to do so is the winner.


  • co oridinates
  • grid references

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