Make a Leek

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Using newspapers make a model of a leek


Clear sticky tape
Elastic bands


Explain that the leek and the daffodil are both emblems of Wales, see the attached for more information about leeks being the emblem of Wales.
- Give each young person two sheets of newspaper and ask them to roll them up fairly tightly, the centre of the roll should be large enough to put your finger into it.
- Once the young people have rolled the newspaper up tape it up so that it doesnÂ’t become unrolled.
- The young people then cut down lengthwise about a quarter of the way down the roll using scissors .
- Now push up the centre of the roll and pull it up, it should come up so you can bend out the 'leaves' to make a leek.

- It is a good idea to bring a leek to the meeting to let the young people see what they are trying to make.
- The young people may need help with the cutting stage.


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