Chinese Lanterns (Chinese New Year)

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Chinese style paper lanterns which can be made to celebrate many things including Chinese New Year. These lanterns also make a great decorations for Christmas or Diwali and can be strung from the ceilings, sat on a ledge, carried or hung from paper chains.


Assorted scrap paper
Clear sticky tape
Coloured paper
Colouring pencils
Felt tip pens
Stiff paper/thin card per person (preferably red)
Sticky paper shapes etc to decorate (if desired)


- Give each young person a piece of stiff paper/thin card (preferably in bright red!)
- Cut off a 1cm strip for the handle
- Fold in half lengthways and mark lines approximately 1cm apart starting at the fold and ending approx 4/5cms from the unfolded edge (see attached document for template of how an unfolded page would look)
- Cut from the fold on each line
- Unfold the lantern
- Decorate the top, bottom and handle (if you choose)
- Bend the card into a tube so that the cuts meet and tape/staple together at the top and bottom
- Using the strip of card bend to make a handle and attach each end to opposite sides of the top of the lantern on the inside
- With the lantern standing firmly on a table press gently on the top of it
- Make sure that the cut section of the lantern bends outwards

- For younger members, (or to make the activity quicker) you could give them a copy of the template, folded in half (as above) so that they can go straight to the cutting


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