Cooking Indoors

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Cooking indoors on gas burners with the emphasis on quality, hygene and teamwork


Recipe for a main meal - written plainly (amazing how culinary-illiterate scouts can be)
2 Gas Burners per patrol
WOODEN table per patrol (you will try a plastic table only once!)
Full set of Billys, frying pan per patrol
Utensils and chopping boards per patrol
Plates and cutlery
Washing up equipment

Complete set of ingredients.


Run the evening as a scored competition with points for teamwork, hygene, food prep and, of course, taste; where scouts have to make a 'presentation plate' for leaders to admire and try.
Have spot checks during the evening for cleanliness - this is usually the thing that slips the most.

In the benign environment of indoors, the menu can be more adventurous than usual backwoods fare.
Incorporate an International theme to advance your programme in that area too.

This activity can be used as the 'cook and serve' part of the Chef Activity badge.


  • cooking on gas, pasta, cooking

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