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Human pinball game


Scouts, foam ball (football sized)


Played 2 Patrols at a time (Can be part of a competition).
3 Scouts from each Patrol are pins. The pins cannot move during the game and are placed in the centre of 1/3rd of their end of the hall. Players throw the ball at the pins to try and knock them down to win the game, if the ball strikes you below the waist you are "knocked down" and out. Each team has a third of the hall where attackers can't enter to reach the pins.

additional rules are;
• if you step into the opponents defensive third your out
• if your throw is caught without touching the floor you are out and the catching team are allowed three of their players back in ( the three that have been out the longest, best to have them standing either side of you at the side of the playing area in order that they have been put out in)
• if you knock a pin down all those in your team who are out are allowed back in
• use three balls
• winner is the team that knocks all the opponents pins down or get all the opposition out.


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