Who Said That?

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Throughout an evening silently collect saying overheard in the group, at the end get others to guess who said each


Pen & Notebook
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This is a memory test, and is well worth trying in your clubroom. Throughout the evening, and unknown to the others, one Scout should, in a handy notebook, jot down some twenty of the most striking remarks made in the general conversation. Towards the end of the evening he then slips away, and on each of twenty sheets of paper, put a-side for the purpose, he writes one of the " sayings " in a bold hand. Blue or black crayon should be used for this, so that each sentence may be clearly seen when the sheets &e fastened up. The sheets are numbered, pinned up together, and turned over one by one-a sufficient time being allowed for competitors to write on slips of paper "Who Said That ?"

From Baden-Powell's "Scouting Games"


  • Baden-Powell
  • getting to know each other
  • Guessing game
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  • team building
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