Kabaddi - Asian Rugby Game Adapted For Scouts

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An active , fast paced tag team game with an international flavour.
Don't want to play British Bulldog? - try this.


Playing area - indoors or outdoors.


Kabaddi is a 4000 year old team game originating from India. Although a wrestling / tackling game (similar to bulldog) we play a tag based version which avoids hard physical contact.

The game is about group attacks and defence.

Split Scouts into teams of 4-7.
One team is allocated raiders/attackers and the other defenders. Swop when everyone has had a turn raiding.

A line is drawn down the centre of the hall or field. Neither team can go into the other sides field, apart from a raider.

Defending team all link hands (or arms if it's not cool to hold someone elses hand) to form a straight line. They can not break the link but can move (as a team) anywhere within their field. Only the two defenders on each end of the line have a hand free, but they are not allowed to grab the attacker.

Attacking team picks one member to be a raider whilst the rest of the attackers stay in their half of the field. Raider must cross the line 'into enemy territory' shouting KABADDI KABADDI KABADDI over and over again (this causes some laughs) and must tag a defender. As soon as he tags a defender he shouts TAG and must get back to his side of the field without getting caught.
The defending team needs to encircle and block the raider (no grabbing or tackling - as all the defenders are still holding hands).

If the defenders successfully block a raider (for 10 seconds) that team gets a point. Raider is returned to the attacking team and it is another raiders turn. Once all raiders have raided, swop the teams around.

The idea is (and it takes them 5-6 turns until they realise it) that when a raider is coming towards you shouting KABADDI KABADDI KABADDI, the defenders need to move back and try and encircle the raider before they get tagged. As soon as TAG is shouted, the two end defenders need to circle round to entrap the raider.

We started this game with a little history - there's loads online.
http://www.kabaddiuk.com - England Kabaddi Federation
http://www.canadakabaddicup2009.com/what.html - Although Canadian, it is quite easy to understand.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabaddi - Proper rules.

The Explorer Unit decided to play the full on version (instead of encircling, when the defenders are tagged, they can break free and tackle the raider to the ground) but this was a little to boysterous for the Scouts.

Rules can be made up or adapted as you go.


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