Mini Pancakes

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Individual pancakes


Jam Tarts (economy best as they have flattest tins);
Wooden pegs;
Tin foil;
Pancake Batter Mix;
Lemon Juice;
metal knives (as spatulas)


1) cover tables with tinfoil (to save on cleaning later);
2) get Cubs to wash hands etc, remove/tuck in neckerchiefs;
3) give Cubs jam tarts and pegs;
4) remove jam tart from case;
5) hold tart case with peg - we now have our frying pan;
6) Utilize jam tart in the usual way;
7) light candles (melt a small amount of wax to help candle stay up);
8) put small amount of oil in pan;
9) warm up;
10) add small amount of batter mix;
11) Cook one-side;
12) Flip;
13) Cook other-side
14) put on plate and add sugar/lemon/other toppings;
15) Eat;
16) repeat stages 8-15;

* Warn about safety
* especially of hot oil, naked flames etc;
* Make sure sufficient - but not too much oil is used;
* Make sure oil is hot before adding batter - to stop sticking;
* Show Cubs that they need to leave a gap between candle and "frying-pan" to stop candle going out;
* Stress importance of not getting folds in pan - to stop holes/etc;
* Stress importance of correct amount of batter - these are traditional "thin" pancakes not "American style" pancakes - and they won't cook if too thick...
* The Cubs will discover the fun they can have with the soot on the bottom of the pan!


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