Bouncy Ball Game - Wall Ball

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Active game of dexterity and hand - eye coordination (catch).


Bouncy rubber ball and a wall.


Scouts line up on one side of the hall.
First player throws ball which must bounce off floor once then bounce off wall.
Second player can not leave the line until the ball has been thrown, then he needs to dash out and get the ball.
If he catches the ball before it hits the ground (after it has bounced off the wall), first player is 'caught' out.
If the ball hits the back wall, second player is out!
If he stops the ball before it rolls to the back wall, first player goes to the end of the line, second player throws and third player becomes the catcher.
Play until all players are out.

Make it harder. Throw from where you pick up (or catch) the ball. Or make second player out if ball hits side or back wall. Or add a clap and spin - second player needs to clap once and spin around before dashing out of the line to get the ball.

Try and get one of those stupidly bouncy rubber balls as it makes things more fun, but you can use a tennis ball if needs be.

Play fast, encouraging throwers to throw quickly and pick up the pace of the game.


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