Write a Story

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Write a story about an experince you have shared with your leaders and other Cub Scouts.
Create a story board using photos or drawings of your adventure.
Tell the whole story to the rest of the Cub pack, making sure that you communicate clearly & the rest of the pack are listening


Pictures from Cub Pack experinces, glue, scissors, card, paper, colouring pens


Create a story board using old Cub Pack photos, cut these out and stick to a large bit of card. Think of a title to go on your card. Make as colourful as possible. Using your pictures, write about an adventure you had whilst being in the Scout movement. Stick this on the back of the card, so when you hold the card up, the other Cubs can see your story board whilst you ready your story


  • story boards, photos, pictures, craft

Badge Links

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