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Quiet game where each cub touches an item in turn. Once they touch it they can't move.




Sit the cubs in a circle, place your item in the middle. In turn each cub must go to the item. Once they touch it they can't move.


They cannot talk throught the game.
Only one cub can start moving to the item at a time.
No winking pointing or hinting to any other cub, I.e. one cub telling the others who is next. (if you do get problems make them face out when in the circle.)
If they touch the item they cannot move.
They cannot move in a set pattern, e.g. The person to the left goes next.

If anything like this happens they all return to the original circle and start again.

You can make it easier by giving them a number of chances before they have to restart the game.
You can make it harder by making the item smaller or even putting a ping pong ball on top of an upturned cup.


  • odd numbers
  • quiet
  • Quiet game

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