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The young people will joust against each other whilst riding on space hoppers.

ANOTHER VERSION OF THIS FOR OLDER SCOUTS: use skateboards instead of spacehoppers... great fun - the 'lance' is the least of their problems!
Note: ensure that they are 'rolling' when they meet, use the line on the floor to be the 'stop scooting' point. If playing indoors, they start aboard, and another Scout in their team can push them, and only allow 2 'knights' to joust at a time, and make sure they wear cycle helmets for safety reasons


2x Lances (mine are telescopic collapsible lances), 2x Space Hoppers (mine have horse covers). Optional: 2x Breastplates, 2x Helmets.


1) Lay a rope out in a straight line. 2) Two participants put on any supplied protection (breastplates, helmets, etc...) they then move to opposite ends of the rope on opposite sides with their lance and spacehopper. 3) They get on their space hopper and hold their lance in the other hand. 4) When told 'Joust' they ride towards each other on their space hoppers and try and knock each other off. If their opponent falls off before reaching the other end of the rope they get a point (even if not knocked off). 5) Change to new participants and repeat. You could arrange it as a knockout competition with stages.


  • jousting
  • skateboard

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