Christmas twig star

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To make a Christmas star from twigs


thin twigs around 8" long - 18 for each child ideally
thin raffia or twining thread
small oval stone for each child
leaf - 1 for each child
ribbons (optional)


Get the children to bring with them 18 thin twigs around 8" long OR do it as an activity as a group
Put the sticks into piles of 3
Make a triangle shape with 3 of these piles and bind the corners together with the raffia
Make another triangle in the same way
Turn one triangle upside down and put on top of the other one, with one being just a little lower than the other - to make a star shape
Bind together with the raffia
Glue a small handful of straw on one of the flat bits
Draw a face on one end of the stone and wrap it up in a leaf to look like baby Jesus
Glue baby Jesus onto the straw
Optional - make a bow with the ribbon and attach it to the top of the star


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