The Quiz, Auction, Build a drop box night

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There are 3 sections to this programme, which culminates in building something to protect dropping an egg from a height.

A short quiz to gather 'money', then an auction to sell off neccesary building materials for their egg capsules and finally build and drop their eggs and see how many survive.


Questions and answers

Craft materials - paper, card, carrier bag, string, tape, box etc.


First is a who wants to be a millionaire style quiz where each group (or individual depending on group size) answers a question and gathers money for each correctly answered question. It's always good to throw in a few questions about Scouting.

After a certain cut off point, the quiz ends and you move onto the auction part, where each group is able to bid on materials that they will use to protect their egg when it is dropped. These can be things such as paper, card, carrier bag, string, tape, box etc.

Once everything is sold off or everyone runs out of money, they go and build their protective shield for the egg, which are then dropped from a height (ladder or second floor window).

I have attached the questions which I have used, they may need to be changed depending on where you live/age range. The last section of questions are designed to be impossible for Scouts to know!


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Badge Links

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