Volley Ball in the Dark

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Volley ball played with a glowing balloon in the dark


Glowing balloon (balloon with a small led inside - available from Hawkins Bazaar)
One glow stick with wrist/neck loop per beaver (at least two different colours) and one per leader (different colour)
Chairs or something else to make a 'net'


Give one glow stick to each beaver
Split the room into two halves with a row of chairs
Split beavers into two teams according to what colour glow stick they are wearing around their neck
Shine torch along the chairs to show where the 'net' is
Play volleyball using the glowing balloon - first team to achieve 5 touchdowns wins.

Safety tips:
Remove any unnecessary obstructions (chairs, tables etc.) and tripping hazards
Stand a leader next to any unmoveable obstructions to prevent collisions (e.g. cupboards)
No running!
Keep a helper by the lights so that they can be switched on quickly


  • dark
  • Glow sticks
  • Night games
  • volleyball

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