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Like 'fruit salad' but played in the dark


Glow sticks with wrist/neck loop (available from Amazon)


Put chairs in a circle
Give a glow stick to each beaver to wear around their neck (use four or five different colours)
Turn out the lights
Call out a colour - beavers with that colour glow stick have to swap seats
Call out 'rainbow' - everyone has to change. Shine the torch when this is happening to prevent collisions (wave it around for effect!)
When 'rainbow' called, remove a chair - the beaver left standing is out.
When a beaver is out they take a turn to call out the colours until they have called 'rainbow'
Last beaver left wins

Safety tips:
No running!
Keep a helper by the lights so that they can be switched on quickly
Leader uses torch to help prevent collisions


  • dark
  • Glow sticks
  • Night
  • Night game

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