Classical Scrapheap Challenge

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Catapult construction set in Classical times


bamboo stakes, Elastic bands, string, something to use as a pouch (aerosol caps work quite well)


Prepare plans and messages for each six from the leader of a classical culture (Julius Ceaser - Rome, Leonides - Sparta, Cleopatra - Egypt, etc). include a message they need to deciper. The code giving them a code word they need to find in order to be given the materials to build their catapults. Once built, have a competition (Most Accurate, furthest shot, biggest, most sturdy, etc). Shoot marshmallows so that they can eat them before / during / after


  • catapult, simple pioneering - elastic bands, missiles,
  • code
  • marshmallows
  • Problem solving

Badge Links

  • Creative - Construction
  • Creative - Problem solving