Blue Peter Badge

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Three Week Project to work towards gaining a Blue Peter Badge


Research Blue Peter Website to decide what area the badge the will cover


Cooking with a country theme...

Confirm with the Blue Peter Website requirements of the badge and discuss these with the scouts.
Maintain a photographic diary of work completed.

Week ONE:
Identify a country and plan a three course meal from the country selected
Make a list of ingrdients and distribute these among the patrol to bring in the following week.
Decide how to cook the meal and allocate jobs.
Compile a menu

Week TWO:
Cook the meal for and present it on a table like at a restauraunt.
Allocate jobs on who will write about what stage of the process was completed in order to cook the meal.

Compile a photographic and written diary on how the meal was acheived, what went well, what didnt go well, what the scout enjoyed, ehat the scout did not enjoy, if the scout had to do it again, what would they do differently. [REFELCTION]


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