Progamme Brain Game

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This game involves members of the Scout Explorer Unit planning a programme and then thinking about all the applications of implementing it.


Assorted scrap paper
Coloured paper
Flipchart paper
Post It® Notes
White paper


- During the game 10 minutes is equal to 1 month.
- The end of each month is signified by a whistle.
- 'The Brain' is the person running the game.
- Every ten minutes the teams must come up with a programme which is then submitted to 'The Brain'.
- As the programme is completed and submitted to 'The Brain', they will then be asked to submit all relevant forms. For instance, if they are planning a camp they must fill in the form NAN and return it to 'The Brain'.
- 'The Brain' will also throw in obstacles, such as Foot and Mouth disease, stopping a team going on an expedition. The team must then change their plans accordingly.
- The team that wins is the one that more closely followed the procedure and the instructions.


  • Community Skills
  • Development
  • planning

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