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A series of activities drawn from Save the Children's 'Free Healthcare Saves Lives' campaign poster. This meeting is featured in 'The Troop Programme Plus' (page 23) Taken from POL


Card (cut into long thin strips)
Stapler / staples
Coloured pens / pencils


In the UK we are used to free healthcare. But in Africa, where it could be argued that healthcare is most needed, it is often not free, and many families can't afford to see a doctor, let alone buy the medicine they need to treat illness.

Save the Children believe healthcare should be made free in Africa, but they need the help of rich countries to help it to happen. These activities and games are supported by a Free Healthcare poster, which you can give to your Scouts to take home and read.

Start by playing the game 'Doctor vs Disease' to introduce the theme (you can find this by searching Programmes Online

Explain that Save the Children are campaigning for free healthcare for every child in the world, and that this meeting’s programme will look at some of the issues that affect people in Africa.

Use the ‘Children’s stories for you to read’ resource attached to set the meeting in context
- Get Scouts to read out the statements as the children in the stories
- A Leader reads out the paragraphs in bold
- Adapt or shorten the statements but make sure you present a range of experiences

Prime Minister Dice Game
- This is explained on the poster in full

Free Healthcare Relay Quiz
- Use the Quick Q&A section of the poster. Cut up the questions and the answers and scatter them (one copy per team) at the end of the meeting place
- Scouts run to the end, bring back a piece of paper and tag the next Scout, who continues the relay
- The winning Patrol is the one that is first to put the correct Q&A together
- Go over all the answers, so that everyone learns about the issues

Prime Minister Message
- In Patrols, write a message to the PM based on what they have heard during the meeting
- Encourage them to think creatively. You could record a video, send an e-mail or text, dress up as the Prime Minister - whatever comes to mind!
- Make sure you finish in time, so that the message is ready to be sent

Headbands Message
- When children in Liberia want to get their voices heard,
they make a headband from a piece of paper and write their message on that. Then they wear it! (Just like the
girl on the poster
- Get the Troop to make their own headbands? Take a photo of the whole Troop wearing them and then send it to Save the Children, at:

Save the Children
1 St John's Lane
London EC1M 4AR

- Give out copies of the poster before closing the meeting. You could finish by reading the story of Patricia and Joyce or with a prayer/reflection


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