Back Woods Cooking Bases

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By creating bases you can teach different styles of backwoods cooking with different types of food and have a picnic for everyone at the end of the meeting.


Fires. Food ready prepared and relevant backwoods utensils - suggest eggy bread (eggs, sliced bread, fork, flat container for beaten eggs, a piece of butter for frying, frying pan, spatula) pitta pizzas (mini pitta bread, tomato concentrate or ketchup, grated cheese, bits of ham, tin foil wrapper to put pitta oon to toast on the fire), American pancakes (pre-mixed batter, syrup, choc spread, icecream for topping, frying pan or non-burnable flat surface to place over the fire to cook on), fruit kebabs (bbq kebab sticks, chunks of fruit, marshmallows). Tin foil to make plates out of for cooked food or (as we are Beaver Scouts we will probably wimp out here and use our own plates)


Create four bases (or as many bases as you have lodges). Pre-light four (?) fires. Have one or more leaders per base to teach and supervise. Choose a cooking style for each base and have all the equipment and food ready before you start. By moving round to a different base after about 15mins each lodge gets to try a different cooking style - and doesn't get bored as soon as their food is ready. At the end of the evening the children will have produced enough food for a feast!


  • back woods cooking
  • Fire Safety
  • food hygiene
  • food preparation
  • food safety
  • food tasting

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