Treasure Hunt

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Walk around the local area using maps, directions, street signs, bearings etc. Directing to different points where leader is waiting near hidden treasure


Pre-planned route, maps and compasses, treasure/prizes


Plan out a route around your local area or camp site, or the immediate area surrounding your hall. Make directions/instructions for the Cubs/Scouts to find their way between different points on the route, and at each point, have some "treasure" hidden. One or more leaders will have to go around hiding treasure in advance, and perhaps guard it from near by if out and about in public, so make sure that there is enough time whilst hunting for the leaders to move around as necessary. Scouts may be able to do this on their own if their navigation is good enough, but Cubs should probably be accompanied if they are not on a closed camp site, or if it is dark.
At least one of the clues should require the use of an OS map to qualify for the Map Reader: Outdoor activity, and for the Navigator: Walk activity you should go further than just your meeting place's grounds.


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