Event Hunt

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Show your Cubs the huge variety of Olympic and Paralympic events in this fun wide game.


• Packets of coloured stickers/dots – one colour for each team
• Copies of the sheets listing the events cut into individual cards
• Boxes or envelopes to use as posting boxes


1. Create cards with the names of Olympic and Paralympic sports on them, split into different categories. Examples could include:
- Athletics: pole vault, javelin, 400m hurdles
- Cycling: BMX, individual pursuit, time trial
- Gymnastics: pommel horse, parallel bars, balance beam
- Sailing: Laser class, Finn class, sailboard
- Swimming: 100m freestyle, 400m butterfly, 200m medley.
2. Define the play area. It is ideal if there is a wooded area available with clear boundaries. This should include a base, where the box of event cards is placed.
3. Split the Pack into teams, making sure there is at least one adult/Young Leader per team, but not with them.
4. Assign a colour to each team and give the adult/Young Leader a sheet of coloured stickers matching the team colours. The adults may swap stickers with each other so that they do not always have the same colour stickers. The players have to find the adult/Young Leader with the correct coloured stickers for their team. Adults should move around but not hide.
5. There should be another area with 5 boxes or envelopes labelled according to the category of your sports.
6. To start the game, hand out an event card to each team. On the command to start, they go off and try and find the leader who has the coloured stickers they need. They stick the sticker on their card and then go and post it in what they think is the appropriate posting box. They then go and choose another card from the base and repeat the process. Teams should only have one card at a time


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