Chef Badge - Diet & Hygiene

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Cover Hygiene, Diet and Methods parts of the Cub Chef Badge


For Activity One -
Large A2 piece of paper divided into sections for Fats, Carbs, Protein, Dairy and Fruit And Veg. (enough for one per six/group)
Cut outs of Lots of different foods that fall into the categories mentioned above. (enough for 1 set for each six)

For Activity Two -
Magazines filled with pictures of different types of food.
Paper Plates (enough for one each)

For Activity Four -
Post-it notes
A kitchen in your meeting place!


Activity One - (Diet)
Give the sixes their A2 piece of paper and the Cut out's of food and ask them to put the foods in the correct sections. Give them around 5 mintues to complete the task.
Go through the answers with them as a group, explaining any unusual answers.

Activity Two - (Diet)
Ask the Cubs to cut out different foods from the magazines and stick them to their plate creating a balanced meal. If you have time go through their plates of food they have created. As a (bad) example create a plate of food yourself with lots of bad things on.

Activity Three - (Methods)
Open discussion about different methods of cooking food, ask the Cubs which they can name - roasting, frying, boiling, poaching, grilling, etc. Discuss which they think are healthier and why.

Activity Four - (Safety & Hygiene)
Either have an open discussion about safety and hygiene in the kitchen and ask the Cubs to suggest things they know or if you have a kitchen in your meeting place then spend 5 mintues arranging it in unsafe way (electrical wires near water, pot handles hanging over edges, knives left out etc). Take each six into the kitchen at a time and give them some small post-it notes and ask them to stick them to anything they think is dangerous.



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