Build a Friend

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What makes a good friend? Get your Cub Scouts to work together to find the perfect pal in this quick creative task


• Large sheets of paper
• Pens
• Scissors


1. Each Six makes two life-size Cub Scouts by drawing round a Cub Scout and cutting out the outline.
2. The Six decides how each part of the body could be used either to be a good friend or a poor friend, e.g. legs – you could play football with a friend, but they wouldn’t be a friend if they kick you! Mouth – they could cheer you on or say something hurtful.
3. On one ‘body’ they draw or write the ‘good friend’ actions and on the other the ‘poor friend’ actions.
4. Sixes present their ‘bodies’ to the rest of the Pack and discuss whether any of them had the same or similar results.


  • craft
  • Drawing
  • friends
  • Our Sporting Adventure
  • teamwork

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