Where's Wally

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Electronic manhunt game using smartphones to follow Leaders (Wally) to various locations around the locality. They must post photos of themselves in the same locations to the Unit Facebook page in order to gain points.


Wally (manequin or cardboard cut-out), smart phone for each team.


Explorers are provided with the attached instructions sheet. Leaders proceed 20 mins in advance of Explorers and post photos of Wally in six different locations around the locality onto Unit Facebook page. The Explorers then log on to the Facebook page and, in teams, must identify the location of each photo posted. They then proceed to each location and take a team photo which is then posted on Facebook. Teams receive 10 points for a team photo in the correct location, 20 points for a good "planking" photo in the location and 100 points if they catch up with Wally and post a team photo with him.


  • manhunt
  • orienteering
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