Resolving Conflict

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An activity to make Scouts think about how to resolve and avoid conflicts.




The group is split into small groups who think of a conflict they have witnessed (personally, on TV etc.) or been involved in recently. Each group then decides upon a freeze frame to illustrate this and present to the other groups in turns. The freeze frame should show a single point during the conflict. Those observing then attempt to guess what the conflict is and who it is between. When this has been guessed correctly or revealed they then think of ways in which the conflict could be resolved with each scout giving their character's view of the solution, this may continue until a mutually beneficial solution is reached. Scouts can then be encouraged to think about how the conflict could have been avoided. This continues until all groups have performed.
We can then think about;
1. What was common to the conflicts?
2. What was common about the resolutions?
3. Is it better to resolve conflict or avoid it all together?



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