In the Face of Terrorism

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Activity for Explorers which examines the antithesis of terrorism by challenging our stereotypes of other countries and forging links abroad.


Large sheets of paper, pens, sweets


To start the session, in groups of four, Explorers brainstorm their stereotypes of three different countries from around the world. Using Google on their smartphones they then research ten facts they did not know about each country and present them to the Unit. The groups then play a game whereby a plate of different coloured sweets is placed in front of them. Each team is given a brief about different mannerisms and habits they must adopt, i.e. youngest feed the oldest in the group, members only eat with their little finger and thumb because they use their three middle fingers for other things, members find it rude to talk, members only eat red sweets, etc. Two of each group then visit another group. At the end of the game, members report on their experiences of visiting the other groups. This session was used after Leaders attended an international conference and forged links with Leaders abroad. The "stereotype" brainstorms were sent to the Units abroad and they shared their views on the UK. This is the start of an international liaison which will culminate in the Units from abroad camping on Brownsea Island in the summer.


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