Navigator Night 1

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Basic Mapping and Navigation recap, then a symbols game. Covers two parts of Navigator Badge.


See attached, plus compasses.


PL/APLs to lead a session based on the attached information, educating the younger Scouts. Leaders probably to help with bearings to ensure they're done correctly.

Then a map symbol relay game as follows:
- take part in patrols
- PL on a chair with symbol key/legend (or an os map)
- rest of patrol in age order behind the PL
- leaders at other end of hall holding 10 symbols
- first scout runs to leader and is shown 1 symbol, they can either identify this from their knowledge, or run back to PL and get help
- once each symbol is identified, the next scout in line runs up for the next symbol
- some scouts will get more than one symbol to do
- first patrol to get through 10 symbols wins


  • maps
  • Navigator

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