Ready Steady Cook - Simple Version

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Plan and cook a meal in patrols using a set number of ingredients.

This version is for a simple cooking night, so does not include ALL of the badge options on the other similar programme on OSM, it is intended for use when you don't necessarily go fully into all the menu planning and 'creating a 3 course meal', but have the focus just on a simple fun cooking night.


Ingredients to suit whatever meals you will prepare / cooking equipment.


Several ways of mixing this programme up, either provide them with ingredients for a specific dish, or give them some ingredients to make what they wish (always interesting !!), options for themes etc as well.

Tip - Have the washing up facility ready from the start, helps avoid last minute rush at the end of the night !


  • cooking
  • ready steady cook
  • stoves

Badge Links

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  • Creative - Activity
  • Outdoor - Stove
  • Outdoor Plus - Cooking
  • Outdoors - Lamps and Stoves
  • Skills - Meal
  • Skills - Wash/dry