Learning Navigator skills

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As part of the Navigator badge learn how to read a grid reference, recongising O.S. map symbols


O.S. maps 1:50000 (enough for your group)
O.S. map symbol flash cards


Allowing 20 mins for each activity
- Reading O.S. maps grid references
- Quiz attached focuses on the area we are in but gives you an idea of questions to ask
- About seven questions took about 20mins as they had to find places on different maps
- Get more experienced Scout to help less experienced.
- Flashcard Bingo
- In Patrols
- Give each Scout even number of cards
- Leader has the written symbols the scouts have pitures
- Leader calls out written symbol to the Scouts
- Scouts calls out if they have a matched card
- Scout hands card to Leader
- First Scout to get rid of all the cards wins!


  • grid references
  • Map Bingo

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